Let's Go Fishin'

Let's Go Fishin'

Fishing is just plain boring to some folks, and yet the "catch" you make just could be the one that leads this person into eternity knowing they will spend it at the Master�s feet.

This video combines a great exhortation about the correlation between fishing and fishing for men�s souls along with a photo montage of photos from our March, 2007 trip to South Africa.

Evangelism Training International is a ministry with a burning desire to teach others how to simply and effectively share the Gospel of Christ. Jesus tells us to become fishers of men and yet some will not cast a line because of fear due to the lack of training. Contact us today about how you can learn how to cast your line in the water and become fishers of men. Our training is simple, effective, multi-cultural, and easily learned. Many of our attendees lead someone to Christ for the first time even before the training sessions are over.

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