Teen Irish Brothers Audition Together With Classic Rock Song

Teen Irish Brothers Audition Together With Classic Rock Song

Two teen brothers from Ireland blow The X Factor judges away with their original audition of a classic rock song.

17-year-old Sean Price and 15-year-old Conor Price are a talented duo. The brothers put their own twist on Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Around the Watchtower,’ and the judges absolutely loved it! All four of them had nothing but praise for the singing brothers, with Simon Cowell even saying that they were the best audition they’d seen so far.

“I don’t want to change a single thing from what I saw and heard today. And if somebody does, you come and talk to me,” shares Simon. “And I mean it, because what I love about you, is it is all coming from you. And this is rare. It’s really, really rare. And every so often, I sit in one of these auditions and I think, ‘Thank God we found people like you.’”

Both Sean and Conor exude joy and just light up the room when they walk in for their audition. Neither of them can stop smiling and you can tell that they are so excited to share their passion with the world.

When asked about what their dream was, they responded with “to sell out arenas and make people happy with our music.”

These two brothers definitely share a special bond and it shows through when they perform. Sean shares about when him and Conor first fell in love with singing in front of an audience together.

“We plucked up the courage when Connor was 11 and I was 13 to go out and sing on the street,” says Sean. “Small fish in the big pond, we went out to the city center in Dublin on Grafton Street where all the big boys play. We’ve just loved it ever since then.”

From a small town in Ireland to the big stage at The X Factor UK, it looks like Sean and Conor will be able to bless many people with their talented singing and exuberant joy.