Benson Joseph- Hallelujah

lyrics and music by Benson Joseph

Verse 1:

Lost in reverent awe we fall, eternity lost in a moment
Earthly wants and passions they subside,
gazing upon your face
All creation longs and groans for you
with pangings that can't be uttered
We your people pray for healing rain
To come down and heal our land


Oh the beauty of a single moment
Lost within your eyes
Words cannot express this sight
Together we sing


Hallelujah You are Lord of all creation
The universe declares your truth
Hallelujah You reign
Hallelujah You set the stars in their places
Your majesty is beyond compare
Hallelujah You reign

Verse 2:

Awestruck by your majesty, humbled by grace so free
I feel your breath falling on my face, sitting here at your feet
Glory fills my senses
Love captured me
Your grace is so overwhelming
I was blind but now I see
My lover said to me, "Come away my darling.
My beautiful one, come away with me."

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