Dog Performs Synchronized Dance Routine With Owner

Dog Performs Synchronized Dance Routine With Owner

It’s an unbelievable moment captured on camera when this dog performs a synchronized dance routine with her owner.

We can all agree that God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed animals on this earth. From the majestic creatures of the wild to the tiniest of species in the sea, each animal was handcrafted by our Maker.

While each animal was created for a specific purpose, some of them are more apparent than others. I believe that is the case for dogs. These furry friends are so much more than pets.

They turn into so much more and truly become a part of our family. Dogs definitely hold a very special place in our hearts and there’s nothing more precious than watching the relationship between canine and human grow.

Sandra and Lizzy share one of these exceptional relationships that make others look on in wonder. Sandra is a seasoned ballerina and Lizzy is a lovable Border Collie.

Together, they make up an amazing dancing duo that has the whole Internet talking. Just watch as they perform a skill synchronized dance routine to “The Last Union.”

Step by step, Lizzy mimics every move that Sandra makes and even steals the show for a few solo moves. Not only does this type of routine take practice and patience, it also takes a special dog that is willing to learn and cooperate.

Lizzy is obviously having the time of her life and her energy spreads across the dance floor as she follows Sandra’s cues.

What a delightful duo!