Scene From Christian Film 'Overcomer' Reminds Us To Put God First

Scene From Christian Film 'Overcomer' Reminds Us To Put God First

Be moved by this powerful scene from the latest faith-based film, ‘Overcomer.’ This is the newest movie released by the brilliant minds of The Kendrick Brothers.

These brothers are the talent behind the 2015 megahit, ‘War Room,’ as well as ‘Fireproof,’ ‘Courageous,’ ‘Facing The Giants’ and more. Together, these brothers are making it their mission to share the message of the Gospel through film and media.

Now, they are back with another inspirational film that truly challenges us to look deeper at our own spiritual lives. ‘Overcomer’ tells the story of a high school basketball coach in turmoil after he loses most of his players when an area plant closes and families move away.

Coach John Harrison, played by Alex Kendrick, is forced to take over the cross-country track team that currently has only one member. Together, this unlikely pair share a journey of faith and encouragement that changes both of their lives forever.

As John grapples with issues at work and in his personal life, he is forced to come face to face with God’s calling. This sneak peak scene features John visiting a friend in the hospital. His sick friend poses a simple question that comes with a much more complex answer.

He asks, ‘Who are you?’ This scene is a beautiful reminder that God should always come first in our lives. And when we place our trust in Him, He will guide us on the path of light and righteousness.

See Coach John Harrison’s incredible journey of faith when ‘Overcomer’ hits theaters on August 23, 2019.