Kevin Bacon Documents Hilarious And Relatable Grocery Store Trip

Kevin Bacon Documents Hilarious And Relatable Grocery Store Trip

Actor Kevin Bacon documented his hilarious and utterly relatable trip to the grocery store and his mistake in failing to plan for the outing.

Everyone needs things to survive. Food, clothing and shelter are essentials for all human beings. Not getting an adequate amount of these necessities will result in a disastrous and potentially deadly outcome. 

Grocery stores exist to meet one of these basic needs. If we need food, it’s often just a short trip to the local Kroger, Publix, Costco or Walmart, and it can be acquired with relative ease. Far too many of us take this modern convenience for granted.

However, as the old saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Creating a list of needed items is always a good idea before a trip to the grocery store. Those lists will keep you on task and save you time and money, helping you avoid perusing through and purchasing unnecessary items. 

In a video posted on social media, Kevin Bacon fails to write a list before heading to the grocery store, and the results are hilarious. 

The video starts with the “Footloose” star saying he was visiting the grocery store on his day off and admits that he forgot to write a list.

“And you know how they tell you you’re not supposed to go into a grocery store without a list?” Kevin says. 

He quickly turns the camera to show his full cart.

“This is what happens,” he adds.

However, he further documents how visiting the grocery store without a list was a terrible idea. He is in the middle of the cat and dog food aisle but does not have either.

He then looks through the situation and considers buying toys, greeting cards and even baby food.

After going through the checkout line, Kevin goes outside to the parking lot and can’t remember where he parked.

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

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