END TIMES WARNING: The Lord Has Turned to the World His Back, and Not the Front

PROPHETIC WARNING: "The Lord Has Turned to the World His Back, and Not the Front"

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Therefore, thus says The Lord: No more shall MY name be profaned among you! You are all as dogs before Me!... BE REMOVED! You are cast down!... Be removed from My holy city, all you squawking birds! For your God has surely spit you out! You are a trapped and confined people... Captive children!
You shall not see My hand giving you bread, anymore! You are all cut off, and My hand is removed! Hence, you are given up to the fire! And it shall burn you... Yea, it shall assault you, seven times!
This wicked generation is accursed in My sight! They are deaf, they refuse to listen!... Look! Behold! They have hated Me! They have no love for God in their hearts. Therefore did I send My servants to prophesy to them, yet they will not listen... They are cut off!
I do love them, yet the

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