Toddler Exclaims ‘I Love You’ After Meeting Baby Sister For The First Time

Toddler Exclaims ‘I Love You’ After Meeting Baby Sister For The First Time

One young man surprisingly and sweetly expressed how he felt about his baby sister soon after meeting her for the first time. 

As any parent knows, sibling rivalries are a real thing. Little children get agitated and throw fits, especially when the situation involves their brother or sister. Siblings, when growing up, will often get into tiffs, which result in screaming and crying. These circumstances occur a lot, so whenever one sibling says something sweet about the other, parents must savor those moments.

That is what happened when a toddler quickly decided how he felt about his new baby sister, surprising everyone in the room. 

In a video posted on YouTube, the young little guy hurriedly runs into the hospital room. It’s clear that he understands something new and exciting is about to happen. 

After he’s put on the ground, the toddler waddles right off to the newborn, pointing at her with a big grin on his face. He’s excited to meet his younger sibling.

But the moment that took everyone by surprise was when the toddler was sitting in his father’s arms, and the little guy got his first, up-close encounter with his little sister. Once he looks into the newborn’s face, he is in awe, overjoyed by the presence of this new person.

He sweetly touches the baby’s nose and cheeks, but then something magical happens. The toddler learns over and while he's looking at the newborn, states, “I love you.”

Everyone in the room responds with a collective “aww.” After that moving moment, many people can be heard sniffing and crying, moved to tears by the little guy’s sweet and loving first words to his baby sister.

That is a moment in time that the mother and father of the two children will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Proverbs 22:6 “If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old, he will not be turned away from it.”

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