Doorbell Camera Captures Woman's Hilarious Encounter With Upset Geese

Doorbell Camera Captures Woman's Hilarious Encounter With Upset Geese

A doorbell camera captured a woman’s hilarious encounter with a flock of geese who quickly became very upset.

Animals are part of God’s creation. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and even snakes were placed on Earth by the same God who breathed life into man and created the sun, moon and stars. Like human beings, animals are special in their own unique way. 

As anyone who has been around animals for a while knows, every animal is different. Some animal community members appreciate human interaction, hoping for and seeking a nice pat on the head or a firm scratch on the tummy. But others want nothing to do with people. They would prefer that they never come across a human being.

For those who may not know, geese are firmly in the group that does not appreciate human interaction. Most seem not to want a human even within their vision. A clip posted on YouTube shows that one woman learned this firsthand.

The short clip begins with the woman walking out of her front door. She heads down the driveway, and loud, boisterous and almost painful squawking soon starts. Moments later, an entire gaggle of geese appears on the screen.

The geese start to chase the poor woman, literally. She retreats to avoid the angry wild animals, running back toward her house. The geese seemed determined to make their point. They chase her back to her front door.

The woman eventually reaches her porch and hurriedly sneaks inside, evading the loud and upset geese. As the woman gets closer and closer to the door, a second person can be heard laughing at the unfortunate and hilarious interaction with the wild animals.

Geese do not like people, and as the video shows, they are not shy about letting others know this.

Matthew 6:26 “See the birds of heaven; they do not put seeds in the Earth, they do not get in grain, or put it in storehouses; and your Father in heaven gives them food. Are you not of much more value than they?”

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