Tim Hawkins Shares His Dad's Hilarious Communication Style

Tim Hawkins Shares His Dad's Hilarious Communication Style

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins has shared his father’s hilarious and unique communication style.

Communication is an uber-important aspect of life. Life is all about interacting, building relationships and getting to know people. However, proper and clear communication is essential to form and develop a lasting relationship with someone. 

With proper communication between parties, bad things can and will happen. When people cannot understand one another, feelings will get hurt, anger will appear and relationships will suffer. How do I know what someone wants or needs if I can’t understand and communicate properly with them?

On the other hand, when two people are so in sync and understand each other’s communication styles, words are not even needed. In a clip posted on social media, Tim provides a hilarious example of when words are unnecessary to convey and get across a message. 

Tim’s hysterical situation involves him growing up and explaining the difference in how his parents communicated with him. His mother, like everyone else, used words to speak. She told Tim precisely what she wanted. He called her a “woman of many words.”

Some people can communicate what they want and how they feel with a look. Everyone knows “the look.” It’s a facial expression from Mom when you know she’s unhappy and it’s about to be a bad time for everyone involved. 

Tim’s father, though, was not like his mother. Instead of relying heavily on words, he states that his dad would use a series of finger snaps to convey his message. Oddly enough, Tim adds that he knew exactly what he wanted simply because he snapped fingers.

Tim knew when his father wanted him to mow the lawn, take out the garbage or pick something up from the floor. 

He ends his hilarious bit by saying that his father was essentially the original creator of “Snapchat.” 

Ephesians 4:29 “Let no evil talk come out of your mouth, but only what is good for giving necessary teaching, and for grace to those who give ear.”

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