Singer's Mesmerizing Voice Prompts Instant Chair Flips From Judges

Singer's Mesmerizing Voice Prompts Instant Chair Flips From Judges

One singer’s mesmerizing and outstanding voice was enough to prompt near-instant chair flips from the judges on The Voice.

God has graciously blessed everyone with different talents, skills and abilities. No two people are 100 percent alike. The same goes for their God-given gifts. He created and formed each individual with a specific purpose, giving people the skills necessary for that plan.

Some people may be gifted in one area, while others are skilled in multiple places or areas of interest. The people who appear on programs like The Voice and American Idol are all gifted with the ability to make pleasant and beautiful sounds. However, as talented as they may be, no two people sound exactly alike. Everyone is different, putting their own unique sound on full display.

In a clip posted on YouTube Bryan Olesen’s blind audition immediately grabbed the judges’ attention. His wholly unique and near-flawless singing voice caused three of the four judges to turn their chairs, showing their immediate interest in this man with a stunning voice. 

Seconds after Bryan opens his mouth to sing the opening lyrics to One Republic’s “Love Runs Out,” John Legend, Dan + Shay and Reba McEntire flipped their chairs around for him. To say the judges were thoroughly impressed with the 49-year-old’s vocal performance would be to put it lightly.

Reba and John both gave Bryan high praise for this audition. 

The Queen of Country Music called Bryan “absolutely incredible.”

However, John took it one step further than even Reba. He stated that Bryan’s audition was “the best we’ve seen.” 

Bryan sounds like a seasoned professional and appears to be someone right at home on the stage. He was more than comfortable, commanding the room. It will be interesting to see how far Bryan’s terrific voice and excellent stage presence will take him in the competition.

James 5:13 “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let him say prayers. Is anyone glad? Let him make a song of praise.”

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