Olivia Newton-John And Daughter Sing 'Window In The Wall' Duet

Olivia Newton-John And Daughter Sing 'Window In The Wall' Duet

Listen to four-time Grammy award-winner Olivia Newton-John and her singer/songwriter daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, perform a lovely duet to the song 'Window In The Wall.'

“Has this world forgotten how to love? Are we blinded by the hate we let inside?
No one giving in or giving up, the lines are drawn and there’s no compromise
This isn’t who we are, it’s time for us to start, looking for a window in the wall
Maybe we can see the other side, and find we’re not so different after all
Looking for a window in the wall”

What a beautiful song sung by such talented women! ‘Window in the Wall’ was recently released by Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi as an anthem aimed to unify and heal during these unprecedented times in the world.

“I’ve always enjoyed singing duets more than singing on my own and when I first heard this song, I knew immediately that I wanted to sing it with my daughter Chloe,” shares Olivia Newton-John. “The lyrics and melody really resonated with me and I hoped Chloe would feel the same way – and luckily she did!”

“When my mom played the song for me, I knew I wanted to record it. Not only because it was with my mom, but, I felt the lyrics and message might help people see things from another perspective,” Chloe Lattanzi says. “We are all part of the same human race and if we listen to each other, respect each other, and love each other - for both our likenesses and our differences - we might just understand each other a lot more.”

This song does have such a strong message of hope and understanding, and it is wonderful to see this mother and daughter using their talents to spread such love and light.

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