Dancing Dog Audition Charms The Judges On AGT

Dancing Dog Audition Charms The Judges On AGT

We love our furry family members and we can’t help but adore their little tricks, personality, and antics. This dancing dog audition charms the judges on America’s Got Talent and I have a feeling she will charm you too. Christine Berczes and her Aussie dog Meredith flew all the way to America for a chance audition to showcase Meredith’s amazing talent. She doesn’t just do tricks, she dances! 

In an ode to Beauty And The Beast, their performance starts out as Christine is dressed like Belle and happens to have her nose stuck in a book while music of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Sons of Serendips played. But her dog Meredith only wants her favorite person to pay attention and dances her way into Christine’s arms in the end! 

Meredith can twirl, sit, and even do a few ballet moves. It’s so touching how the dog follows her owner’s every command and sweeps the audience and the judges off their feet! And you don’t want to miss the end when Meredith brings Christine a basket of roses. What’s better than an adoring dog? A dog who brings you flowers! The performance will absolutely melt your heart. 

One viewer commented, “I noticed how some people in the audience had tears in their eyes, so did I. I loved it so much.” Another added, “Her first dress was Belle’s outfit in the beginning of Beauty & the Beast (1991) and then it was the classic gown she wears when she waltzes with the beast. I’m a huge Disney fan & Pixar fan.”

Another dog lover viewer added, “The way the dog celebrated how well their performance went at the end. She was literally like, "WE DID IT! WE NAILED IT!"’

All four judges agreed. They’ve seen so many animal performers but what they loved the best about Christine and Meredith was the plotline and how Meredith enjoyed the performing. It was such a cute sight to see, we hope it put a smile on your face as much as it did ours.

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