Clever Canine Solves Math Problems

Clever Canine Solves Math Problems

A clever and incredibly adorable dog stunningly solved a series of math problems.

For some people, school was an overwhelmingly positive experience. They excelled in classes, grasping the material the teacher was dispensing and instructing on with relative ease and little effort. School may have been another, much more negative experience for other people. School might have been one big, massive struggle, and no matter how much they tried or studied, it did not click.

However, most people likely experienced something in the middle of those two situations. Some of the material came easier and as a result, those classes were enjoyable. Other courses were not as easily understood. Math, for me, seemed always to be a struggle, at least in some form. Of course, something like algebra or geometry came much more effortlessly than calculus or other higher-level forms of mathematics. 

Like everything else, math is one of those things that some people learn easier than others. And now, even dogs are seemingly learning and solving math problems.

A cute and hilarious clip posted on social media shows a clever canine answering a series of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction problems. The man in the video offers the problems to the animal behind him.

Hilariously, the dog momentarily pauses after the man mentions the problem he wants the animal to solve. The canine’s actions give viewers the impression that it is actually thinking about and processing the just-announced problem.

After a few moments, the dog answers every problem in the video by placing its paw on the man’s shoulder. The number of times the dog puts its paw on the man’s shoulder signals its answer to the problem. 

Amazingly, the dog gets every question correct.

Maybe this was the dog that actually did eat your homework, but before it did, it read and absorbed all that knowledge before helping itself to a nice snack. 

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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