First Grader Works On Her Reading By Visiting Seniors

First Grader Works On Her Reading By Visiting Seniors

One young woman is developing a love for learning and books as she spends time visiting with and reading to the residents of a Minnesota senior living facility.

Reading and learning should never stop because one leaves the classroom. Everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner, seeking to gain more knowledge and wisdom every day. Books assist in this worthwhile pursuit. They can open entirely new worlds and present new perspectives and ideas that one may not have ever considered or encountered. There is always something more to learn and new to find out and discover. 

Maggie Kuznia, a first grader in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, is learning to read. As a clip posted on YouTube indicates, the young lady spends time reading and sounding out unfamiliar words to the elderly residents of a senior living facility. It’s an activity that most definitely benefits everyone involved. 

Also, as the first grader’s mother, Tiffany Kuznia, who works at the facility, states, it was an initiative that Maggie came up with on her own.

“Well, I guess it all started storm days,” Tiffany said. “She couldn’t go to daycare or anything like that, so she’d come to work with me. Then one day, about five months ago, she was packing up her bag, and I’m like, ‘Well, don’t forget your Nintendo Switch.’”

Tiffany mentioned that Maggie had another plan instead of passing the time by staring at yet another screen. 

“’I’m going to bring books, and I’m going to read to the residents,’” Tiffany recalls Maggie telling her one day. 

The clip shows the young woman walking around, visiting the residents and reading selected literary works to them.

It’s clear from the short clip that the elderly residents greatly appreciate Maggie’s efforts and spending time with the young woman. 

Maggie’s reading has not only been beneficial to the residents but it’s also helped the first grader as well.

“It’s helped it tremendously, and it builds up her confidence of reading, too,” Tiffany said. “She falls asleep every night with a book in her hand.”

Proverbs 15:14 “The heart of the man of good sense goes in search of knowledge, but foolish things are the food of the unwise.”

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