1 Apostolics of Bellefonte/ Harrison,AR. Rev.Fontenot Miracle God heals Patty!/Apostolic Miracle.

(Apostolic Church, Belfonte, AR / Pastor Leon Fontenot)

In May of 1995 I was diagnosed with Chronic Severe Degenerative Disk Space Narrowing with a fist size mass on my lower back. The degeneration covered my L-series disks and was starting into the S.

I've been in chronic pain since 1980. Constantly being misdiagnosed and treated with 15 different medications. I thought this was going to be my norm for the rest of my life. I have been hospitalized more than five times for this.

However, in March, 2007, my life changed forever while attending revival services at my church! After service I asked for prayer by the ministry and I knew right then that Jesus had touched me. I am so very blessed and thankful that Jesus healed me completely taking all my pain away! The mass is just not there at all any more! Then JESUS immediately and instantly filled me with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues, something I had never experience before.

I believe Jesus gave me strength through all the years of pain. He healed me and gave me a brand new life! I believe He will heal you too. Just have faith. Jesus loves you!


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