Vote Obama Way

Taz Arnold (AKA TI$A), once front man to underground rnhip-hop super group Sa-Ra formerly signed to Grammy award winning artist Kanye West’s label rnGood Music, launches his solo career and dedicates his first single and accompanying celebrity rnfilled music video, “Vote Obama” in support of democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack rnObama. Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Travis Barker, Shepard Fairey, and Apple of The rnBlack Eyed Peas are among some of the celebrities, artists, and tastemakers that make a cameo. rnThe "Vote Obama" track was produced by Alfred Darlington AKA DAEDELUS who has released rnmusic on numerous labels Internationally, in addition to collaborating and performing with artists rnsuch as N.E.R.D., Billy Preston, The Silver Apples, Sa-Ra, MF DOOM, Madlib, Busdriver, Justice, rn2 Live Crew, Billy Higgins, Prefuse 73, and many more. He is currently signed to UK label Ninja Tune, rnhis next release "Love To Make Music To" is due May 22nd, 2008.

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