Dad Opens Christmas Gift to Find Long-Lost Daughter

Dad Opens Christmas Gift to Find Long-Lost Daughter

There was no hiding the emotion when this father opened his surprise Christmas gift to find his long-lost daughter hiding inside. Terra and her father haven’t spent Christmas together since she was four years old. For the past 25 years, one thing or another has kept them apart. They live on the opposite sides of the country, so coming together always takes some work.

Well, this Christmas, Terra and the family decided to surprise her dad with the ultimate gift. This viral clip was filmed on Christmas Eve. Terra is concealed inside of a box in the living room as everyone gathers around for her dad to open the present. He has no idea what is going on and, at times, he even looks a little scared of the box. After Terra’s uncle explains that this gift is so big that it will be for Christmas and his birthday, the unsuspecting man begins to cut the ribbon.

Finally, he starts to peel away the paper and pull back the cardboard. That’s when his eyes get huge and he realizes that his loving daughter has been hiding in the box the entire time. They give each other the sweetest embrace and it’s obvious that this moment means a lot to both of them. Family is truly one of the most important things during the holidays and it can be hard when you are missing a loved one. I’m so glad that this pair was able to reunite this year and I hope this a tradition that continues.

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