Little Girl Reads Unique Bible Story To Cat

Little Girl Reads Unique Bible Story To Cat

There is something so sweet about the relationship between a girl and her pet. Whether it’s a dog, cat or iguana, little girls just seem to love their animals in a very special way. That is especially true for sweet Abby and her pet kitty, Bailey. Together, they share some of the cutest memories and it’s obvious that this cat is very fond of his companion.

Today, this adorable 4-year-old decided to read The Bible to her furry friend and it’s absolutely hilarious. Just listen as Abby opens up the book and begins to read out loud. But as soon as she starts talking about grandparents feeding the grandkids sugar, I realized that this was going to be a very special reading. This is definitely a unique rendition of The Bible that I have never heard before, but Abby goes on like it’s written right in front of her.

I just love how attentive Bailey is the entire time his human is reading. He even puts his paw right on her shoulder and he peers over her. This may not be the Bible story that I thought I was going to hear, but it sure is adorable all the same. There’s truly nothing like watching a young child’s imagination and watching her heart for animals.

These best friends are enjoying a sweet moment together and I’m so glad that someone decided to pick up the camera and hit record. Has your child and your fur baby every done anything like this before?

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