3-Year-Old Girl Is A Natural Water Skier And Loves Being On The Water

3-Year-Old Girl Is A Natural Water Skier And Loves Being On The Water

Ever meet someone who just seems to pick up a new talent rather quickly? Some folks seem like they were born ready to flawlessly display a particular talent at a very early age? Meet little Olivia Jackson, who while visiting her grandparents in Lake Gaston, North Carolina, left everyone in the boat shocked at her near-professional water skiing abilities.

The adorable 3-year-old girl is not only a natural water skier but clearly a kiddo that belongs in water sports. Olivia is truly a water-wonder. Watching her gliding effortlessly on a water board with ski handle in hands at such a young age is so amazing!

Her parents and grandparents were driving the boat and began videoing her talent. They too were clearly in total astonishment at Olivia’s natural skills.

Cutting through the waves, Olivia is seen mastering the ski-board by controlling her every move splashing over the boat’s wake. She even had enough control to skim over to her nearby friends in another raft to give them a sporting high-five! Grinning from ear to ear and making what is usually very difficult for most adults to execute, the little water-monkey even picks up a little conversation with her pals in the nearby raft. The video then shows Olivia lean towards her left to glide along a turn!

What a wonderful experience to capture on video! We won’t be surprised if one day little Olivia takes up stunt-skiing with her natural talents commanding the waves. Sometimes God can surprise us with these precious moments revealing the talents of our children early on in life.