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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Time Will Tell - RAPHAEL - CD: Blue Skies In The Rain


The rear view mirror glanced at her and caught her by surprise, she saw something in her eyes that just looked different.

I guess she's still reminded of the life she use to know, it was not that long ago but seems so different, and time will tell.

She admits that she's not happy but claims things are not so bad, but there's something very sad inside her spirit.

But she claims that things are different now, she's in a different place but the smile on her face is disappearing, and time will tell.

And TIME WILL TELL, Time will pass, someday time will tell the story of what did and didn't last .

and time will tell, time will heal and someday time will show her everything that was and wasn't real and time will tell.

Somewhere late at night, she's wide awake in bed remembering words that someone said that got her thinking, they said

Other hearts are with you, your life is not your own, and she thought of going

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