Parrot And Dying Owner Say Goodbye After 25 Years

Parrot And Dying Owner Say Goodbye After 25 Years

When most people think about a lifelong companion, they immediately think of a dog or a cat. These amazing creatures can truly be a gift from God, but there are also other animals that provide friendship, love and support.

For this woman, her parrot of 25 years was one of her best friends. This sweet bird became a part of her family and they were always there for each other. Unfortunately, this woman’s time on Earth has come to an end and it’s now time to say goodbye. As she lies in bed, her faithful parrot remains right by her side as they enjoy some last moments together.

It’s such a heartbreaking scene to witness, but it also reminds me of how incredible God’s animals truly our. He put them on this Earth for a reason and when one animal finds their way into our hearts, it’s definitely a beautiful relationship. 25 years is a long time for anyone to be together, especially a pet and their owner.

I know it’s going to be so hard for this parrot to go on with his human, but I’m thankful that they got the chance to spend time together before being separated. Normally, parrots are quite talkative but this particular bird is being silent right now.

It makes me think that he knows what it about to happen and he’s grieving in his own way. Even though this wasn’t an easy moment to witness, it truly made me thankful for the times on Earth we do get to enjoy with God’s creations.

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