'Root Of The Problem' Movie Trailer For Faith-Based Film

'Root Of The Problem' Movie Trailer For Faith-Based Film

Enjoy the official movie trailer for the faith-based film ‘Root Of The Problem.’

The move follows a suburban family who inherits a real-life money tree. That’s when the dad, Paul Campbell (Sergio Di Zio) thinks he has a one-way ticket to easy street. But he loses sight of the things that matter most in life and becomes more distant and secretive with his wife and children.

Now, the family will be tested and must search within their hearts to find the answers and discover that it is better to give than receive. Root of the Problem is Scott Sikma’s award-winning debut feature film.

The movie describes itself as one that “will challenge your beliefs and is a timely reminder that happiness is something money cannot buy, even if you do have a tree that grows money! With its clever screenplay by Francis Damberger and Joanne Sikma and wonderful performances by its talented cast, this film comes to us at a time when we are all searching for the positives in everyday life.”

This powerful film stars Sergio Di Zio (Flashpoint, Rogue), Claire Rankin (Stargate: Atlantis, Molly’s Game), Jayson Therrien (Fargo, A Miracle on Christmas Lake), Chantal Perron (Heartland, Fargo) and introducing Leslie Bann and Ty Loupelle.

Root of the Problem took away the Audience Award at last year’s Calgary International Film Festival and won Best Actor at 2019’s International Christian Film Festival. Root of the Problem will be available on DVD and video-on-demand on July 7, 2020.