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Israel First TV Programme 10 - Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz

Israel First TV Programme 10 - Martin Blackham talks with Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, Jerusalem City Counsellor and General Secretary of The Yerushalmim Political Party. Rabbi Aharon Leibowitz is originally from California and is the Founder and Director of Sulam Yaacov Yeshiva which prepares Students for Rabbinic Ordination. He is married to Miiriam Leibowitz and they have five children. He has written a blog 'Between Heaven and Earth' has featured on BBC News as well as The Voice of Israel and in The New York Times, The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz News, Breaking Israel News, The Jewish Press and is particularly active in the Community regarding the issue of Kosher Certificates for Restaurants. Rabbi Aaron speaks about his background, his work on the Jerusalem City Council and some of the developments in the city of Jerusalem. Rabbi Aaron also talks about the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem and that it would be a great time for viewers to visit for unique events and celebrations. For more information about the City of Jerusalem visit: https://www.itraveljerusalem.com/ For more information about Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz visit: http://www.kashrut.org.il/en/who-are-we/ For more information about Israel First TV Programme visit: www.israelfirst.org

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