Max Lucado's Hermie & Friends: Flo the Lyin' Fly

Reuniting the voice talents of Tim Conway, Don Knotts and Melissa Disney,Flo: The Lyin' Flyis poised for even greater success. Drawing from Proverbs 19:5, which says no one gets away with a lie, Flo the Lyin' Flysetsout to teach children, through incredibly humorous situations,entertaining songs, and cleverly written dialogue, the importance oftelling the truth no matter what the circumstance. In addition to notfabricating lies, children will be challenged to not "cry wolf," oreven embellish the truth just a little to make themselves look better.Joining the all-star cast is Third Day as the Water Beetles, FrankPeretti as Puffy the Dragonfly, and Vicki Lawrence as Flo!

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