Elementary Teacher Pulls Off Epic Spelling Test Prank on Her Class

Elementary Teacher Pulls Off Epic Spelling Test Prank on Her Class

An elementary school teacher successfully pulled off an epic and hilarious spelling test prank on her class.

Most teachers are kind, caring and considerate people. They would do anything to help their students understand the material and succeed academically. Often, this involves spending their own money on classroom supplies or staying after school to assist struggling students.

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are always looking toward the future and work to prepare their students for what they will see and experience in the grades and years to come. The men and women in education do their best to help their students.

In a video posted on TikTok, a second-grade teacher informs her students that they are about to take a spelling test. The test, the woman tells her class, involves common words that third graders know how to spell and use. She also tells them their test scores will be given to their third-grade teachers.

The only catch was that the test day was April 1st, and students were unaware of the date.

After giving the students a series of instructions, the test gets underway. She gives the students ten words to spell, but they are completely and entirely made up!

Throughout the clip, the teacher nearly bursts out laughing several times.

The students are so convinced that the words are real. One of them is even heard commenting that he knew that word, calling it a name for a black flower. A second student believes another one of the woman’s made-up words to be “a store in France.”

When she lets the kids in on the joke, they all state they did not believe any of the teacher’s words were real. They knew it the whole time. I’m not quite so sure about that one.

Job 8:21 “The time will come when your mouth will be full of laughing, and cries of joy will come from your lips.”

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