Former NBA Player's Comical Confrontation With Kitchen-Invading Possum

A former NBA player found himself in a confrontation with a possum that had managed to get into his kitchen.

Professional athletes are some of the most disciplined, mentally and physically fit people on the entire planet. They put in hundreds of hours in the gym, perfecting their craft. Those people invest an absurd amount of blood, sweat and tears into readying themselves for the high-pressure competition. 

When those men and women lift weights or run miles in the gym, they practice and prepare to face another human. It’s likely that none of those athletes ever envision their next opponent as a member of the animal community. However, that was precisely what happened to retired basketball player Matt Barnes.

A clip posted on YouTube shows the former Los Angeles Laker confronting an invasive possum. The outdoor creature had somehow found its way into Matt’s kitchen. Almost assuredly, this was a competitive battle that Matt had never seen coming. 

But hilariously, it appeared to be between two very stubborn and strong-willed competitors. The clip shows Matt come across the critter who has backed itself up against a fixture in the kitchen.

Matt tries several tactics to get the creature to vacate his kitchen and head outside. The video shows that Matt had even gone so far as to construct a fort out of cardboard boxes intended to direct the possum outdoors.

About halfway through the YouTube clip, Matt chucks an orange at the possum. That didn’t do much, as the possum doesn’t flinch when the fruit lands near it. He then grabs a golf club and slams on surfaces near the possum, hoping to scare it away, but that again fails.

Then, eventually, Matt is successful. He starts spraying water at the possum, and soon after that, the animal scurries outside, exiting Matt’s kitchen.

Matt won this one and likely hopes the possum doesn’t return for a rematch.

Proverbs 12:10: “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: Inside Edition

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