Mesmerizing Dancers Move In Unison For Award-Winning Routine

Mesmerizing Dancers Move In Unison For Award-Winning Routine

The talented Emerald Belles dancers move in unison for an award-winning performance to the classic song ‘Sweet Dreams.’

The Emerald Belles are a popular Texas dance group comprised of 80 members. For decades, these talented performers have shared their skilled dance routines all over the world.

The Emerald Belles have performed at halftime shows, on cruises and even at Walt Disney World. And when you see this mesmerizing number, you’ll understand exactly why everyone talks about this group.

At the 2017 Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition, The Emerald Belles pulled out all the stops. They performed to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” from the Eurythmics.

The 80 dancers are spread out all over the dance floor when the music starts. But it’s when they gather together and start to perform in unison that the skill and superb choreography truly shines. As these dancers move in sync, it’s almost like an optical illusion.

At one point, even the floor seems to start to move. By the time The Emerald Belles start a kick line, I already knew that had cinched this competition. You can hear the crowd erupt into cheers when the music ends.

This powerful performance earned the group a first place trophy. And when you have routines like this, there’s no doubt that there will be many more awards in their future.

The Emerald Belles have been a Texas staple for decades and there is no slowing them down anytime soon. Were you absolutely mesmerized by this dance routine?

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