Deformed Baby Abandoned At Hospital Receives Adoption Blessing From 2 Strangers

Deformed Baby Abandoned At Hospital Receives Adoption Blessing From 2 Strangers

After a deformed baby was abandoned at a hospital in India, two strangers brought him into their lives and adopted him.

The hospital employees, Jessica and Raja Paulraj, were the ones who adopted Adam. Born in a Christian missionary hospital, Adam had a healthy brain, heart, and lungs. But he was so deformed that his family refused to take him home and even threatened to kill him. Thank goodness for Jessica and Raja who blessed Adam with a loving and Christ-filled home.

Once they adopted him, they found Christians in America who would help Adam overcome his challenges. One of those people were Dr. John Van Aalst, a plastic surgeon at UNC Children’s Hospital, who spearheaded Adam’s treatment.

Adam is doing great after his initial treatments and surgeries. He’s able to laugh, crawl, and enjoy spending time with his new baby brother, Elliot.

But he still has obstacles to overcome. For instance, he cannot eat normally or talk, because he was born without the roof of his mouth.

“He can’t speak words, like formed words right now with his palette being open,” says his mother, Jessica. “So, all the air comes out more loosely and makes sounds rather than formed speech.”

Once Adam gets the surgery needed to repair his palette, he should be able to speak understandably and communicate with his family. The reason why he has not had the surgery yet is because his parents have not saved up enough money to do so. The surgery is very expensive, and since Adam is not yet a U.S. citizen, he cannot get health insurance to help with the cost. But Jessica and Raja have saved up about two-thirds of the money needed for the surgery, and they are receiving donations to help with the cost as well.

With Adam expected to become a U.S. citizen soon, this should be the last surgery that they will have to pay for out of pocket. And hopefully insurance will cover Adam’s future treatments like nasal reconstruction, prosthetic legs so he can walk, and new hands for a tighter grip.

Despite all of these hardships with their son, Raja considers him and his family very blessed. “When I look back I remember Romans 8:28…’that all things work for good’…and I think that’s very true for me, Jessica, Adam, and Elliot.”

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