Blest a Mess, By Church, Christian Hip Hop Rap

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The Book Of Acts Chapter 2: 25-26
I see the Lord as always with me
I will not be shakened
For He is right beside me
No wonder my heart is glad
And my toung shouts His praises
My body rests in hope

Blest a mess, up in da hood distrest,
Blest a mess, up in da upper Mid Wes,
Blest a mess, Test Payable on death,
Blest a mess, best given in every breath,

Church Born, from my mother Kimberly, Sunday morn,
Blest born, Derek Lee Sherwood, enters the world a torn,
Torn, from the Father from conception, now we'r born,
Born, skin start ta conform, around the spirit norm,

We Have transformed, and been reborn, into a different norm,
Different form, inform the unconformed, of the swarm,
Platform, storms in mutiform, by Triform,
Triform, is the God in the sky, we die for!!

Thank you Jesus, for blessing us just how we are,
born blest,
not by nothing that we have done on our oun regard,
but by the sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ,

Romens 5: 3-5
We can rejoice too when we run into problems and trials
For we know that they will help us develop endurance
And endurance develops strength of character
And character strengthens our confidant hope of salvation
And this hope w

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