Pits or Wells (Gen. 26:1-33)

"Pits or Wells" (Genesis 26:1-33)

All of our choices have lasting effects on our children, and on others.
(A sermon from Genesis 12, 20, 21, 26, and 46.)

Throughout our lives as parents, we "dig holes" for our children and others we influence. Every philosophy we live by, every habit we practice, every word we speak, every act we do --whether good or bad-- digs a "hole." The only question is: will those holes be "pits" for others to fall into, or "wells" for others to drink out of?
Do all you can to ensure that the holes you dig are "wells." But, if you should dig a "pit," hand it over to God, and let him turn it into a "well."

George W.J. Shearer

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