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The Coming One World Economy! Is Melt Down &amp; Catastrophe Only the Beginning?<br />

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In a time when people seem to more often vote from their wallet, than their heart, let alone their convictions (which should keep their heart in check when needed!). When the rally cry for the elections are the economy stupid! When the Repuiblican presidential candidate says on Letterman the issues are - the Economy! the Economy! &amp; the Economy! YET over 50 MILLION PLUS (&amp; counting) innocent babies are being killed (albeit mostly for economic, or selfish &quot;lifestyle&quot; or &quot;comfort&quot; reasons)! Despite everything going on in the World - our interest still seems to extend only about as far as our own comfort levels! Can you think of a better way to reach &amp; solidify this type of peoples? <br />
It already seems the hand writing is on the wall! The economic catastrophe will begin to bring peoples together to form the (dreaded?) &quot;New World Order&quot;! BUT who will be in charge? With all the power of a tied together global economy to focus, as the nozzle on a fire hose he (?) should be able to bring the pressure to bear to extinguish any nagging problem he aims it and (&amp;keep every else comfortable &amp; apethetic?). This would make him a big hero to the world. Who could handle such power? <br />
There is a being which has been pursuing and craving that power and more since before the world was created when he wanted to ascend his throne above God and was cast out (or at least before Adam's diobedience &amp; [sadly?] before the first children were born. This would be his dream come true wouldn't it?<br />
Look ye on nations, and behold and marvel greatly. For a work He is working in your days, Ye do not believe though it is declared. <br />
(Habakkuk 1:

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