'Legacy Peak' Pureflix Original Film On Faith, Family, And Fatherhood

'Legacy Peak' Pureflix Original Film On Faith, Family, And Fatherhood

Are you ready for a movie that supports blended families, faith, and working together? Don’t walk, run to this movie. It looks absolutely incredible. 

‘Legacy Peak’ is a Pureflix original film on faith, family, and fatherhood. So, here’s the plot; Jason, who happens to be played by Lucas Black, is a man getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, who has two children, Sam and her little brother Ben. 

Jason’s a pilot, and he wants to give these kids something he never had. He plans to fly the kids to their grandparents for Christmas. On the way, they encounter a flock of birds, and the plane goes down in the wild. 

The three have to work together to get to the cabin and survive. On foot, it will take them three days to reach their destination. While it seems like they are in the fight of their lives, God is using this detour to help them bond as a family. 

The film will be released by PureFlix on September 22nd. It is packed full of adventure and an excellent cast. It showcases the tension and struggles blended families face as they try to create a new family despite the baggage. 

And it reveals whether or not Jason is ready to be a father figure as he has never had his own kids, but he wants to give them the childhood he never had and show them what unconditional love is. 

The trailer reveals the adventures and adversity the trio face, including wolves, frigid temperatures, and past emotional scars are contenders in whether they can become a family. It also reveals that Jason relies on God for strength and wisdom as he prays for help and guidance throughout the film. 

I can’t wait to see how this family bands together to work together to survive and get to the cabin. Will Jason show the kids he is worthy of being their father? Or will he think he’s not enough? I have a feeling the end of the movie will be filled with grace, love, and loyalty.

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