I asked the Lord

Composed by Johnny Lange and Jimmy Duncan (Copyright: Bulls-Eye Music, 1955).

In times of personal challenges, chances and changes of life, may we reflect on God's comfort and strength. His grace is all sufficient for our needs. Though was may not experience deliverance from trials, we will always experience deliverance through trials.

I asked the Lord to comfort me
When things weren't going my way.
He said to me "I will comfort you
And lift your cares away."
I asked the Lord to walk with me
When darkness was all that I knew.
He said to me "Never be afraid,
For I will see you through."

I did not ask for riches.
He gave me wealth untold;
The moon, the stars, the sun, the sky,
And He gave me eyes to behold

I thank the Lord for everything
And I count my blessing each day.
He came to me when I needed Him,
I only had to pray.
And He'll come to you if you'll ask Him to.
He's only a prayer away.
(Copyright: Bulls-Eye Music, 1955) ... (more info) (less info)

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