'Bohemian Catsody' Queen Parody Song By Cats For Humans Who Love Them

'Bohemian Catsody' Queen Parody Song By Cats For Humans Who Love Them

Watch this hilarious ‘Bohemian Catsody’ video, which is a parody song of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody. But this time, it’s all about cats!

In the video, there are four cats pictured, and they are mouthing, or should I say meowing, the words to the parody song. It is a hilarious take on what cats would sing about when explaining their daily lives.

“Staying up all night, race ‘round the house at 3, show you my backside
After nudging you to pet me, obsessed with flies, a box half my size fits me
I choose to employ you, now attend to me, open the door, I’ll come, then I’ll go
Feed me now, don’t be slow, stalk you in the bathroom, privacy don’t matter to me, to me”

What a comical song! And it is so funny to also see the cats singing the lyrics. In the next part of the song, the cats sing about how they left a little present for their owner, but it didn’t seem to be appreciated.

“Mama, just killed a mouse, ate it all except the head, that’s your present on your bed
Mama, a sign of my love. Why did you scream and throw it all away?
Mama, ooh, didn’t mean to make you cry, I’ll try to find a bird for you tomorrow
So sit down, I’ll sit on you, knead your legs to tatters”

The mastermind behind this video is Shirley Serban, and many people commented on her YouTube page raving about her work.

“This is the most hilarious, brilliant, and genius rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody I have ever seen. I love it!” writes one person online after seeing the video.

“Freddie Mercury once stated: ‘I don't care what you do with my music after I'm gone, just don't make it boring.’ And by good golly, this is anything but boring. I can see Freddie in Heaven rolling with laughter,” comments another person on YouTube.

We hope that this funny video brought you some joy today!

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