The ANNA WICKEY Testimony

By the time Anna Wickey was a sophomore in college, her life was falling apart. The man she had always planned to marry from her teenage days was not working out. Her sleep became fragmented, and internal stress mounted. The time came when something quite supernatural happened, and she knew God was the One behind it. Anna became spiritually born again in the process, and began to trust God about what she should do about a potential husband. What God did is well worth listening to as she shares how God has empowered her to live the Christian life.

Perhaps what makes this video so encouraging and insightful regarding a future spouse, sometimes we so want God to put us together with someone of OUR choosing, that until we become so frustrated with that person, we aren't willing to give that person up and show God we are willing to either remain celibate if that is what He wills, or provide us with someone else as a spouse.<br />

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If you do not have solid peace about the one you are with, are you willing to give this person up for GOD? The most painful test we can have in life is to give up someone we love, and trust God to either give us back that person, or give us grace to move on. Are YOU willing to do that with God, to show Him just how much you want to PLEASE Him? He loves to be put FIRST in everything, we hope you know.

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