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Pt2-Escaping Self Empowerment Gospels

How to achieve potential, destiny and greatness..... In part 2 of Escaping Self Empowerment Gospels Apostle JoAnne Cremer shows you how these are the enticing questions the Antichrist inspires the Church with as he works through ministers who lack the grace of apostleship and the original pattern of the New Covenant. We test the spirits behind the inspiration Paula White said she had for her book ..Deal With It.. and show you how it denies the power of Jesus Christ for your salvation by setting you on a journey of self discovery, self empowerment, self motivation and self validation. This is the very face of Satan inside the Church the early apostles warned of and in this hour God is again sending a strong warning to the Church to repent of these powerless gospels that their hearts might be returned to the Father, to their First Love and to the fullness of Jesus Christ. May the grace of God that accompanies this message shake what can be shaken and may it direct your hearts to the true hope we have in Jesus Christ.<br />
<br />
I invite you listen in to part 3 of this message where we detail the mercy of God in providing Christ as our Advocate and how His advocacy is a daily reality through what He supplies from the throne of God for our spiritual growth. We also define for the Church what it means to walk after the flesh and how the Doctrine of Subs%@utionism that says Jesus was our substitute (instead of being our propitiation) is the undergirding false doctrine that has caused the Church to fall from grace. God is now calling the Church out of these errors and to come to the Apostles for their doctrinal education to Christ, to learn the true blueprint pattern for faith, the very foundation of truth needed to equip believers to please God and grow in the full stature of Christ. We freely provide all this education at the Apostles&acirc;�� School of Ministry and invite you to enroll today. If yo

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