Pt1: 2 Types of Communion-Spiritual vs Carnal

Every Christian wants to have INTIMACY with God, but true intimacy is only by a HOLY PATTERN and HOLY TOOLS you cannot touch, taste, see or handle. Seduced by the Antichrist, many Christians have strayed from the New Covenant to have their communion with God by the common things of the world, leaving their soul worshipping FALLEN ANGELS instead of the true and living God. Apostle JoAnne brings a strong message to open the eyes of the Church to show how approaching God by ones own truisms is not acceptable, and identifies the perspective of seeking God for resolutions, prosperity, health and wealth is not true faith. The original gospel delivered from living apostles gives you the proper pattern for approaching God and having rich communion that spiritually changes the very fibers of your soul and spirit. If you want to know the Father and bear His glorious fruits in your soul this video will give you hope and direction. Learn today this simple pattern which will make you holy unto the Lord and empower your faith to the fullness of Christ. Get the Truth. Bear the Fruit. Experience the CHANGE. Make the Great Transition today. All our education to the New Covenant is FREE.

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