How To Deliver The Lord's Tithe (Tithing) Pt 2/5

How To Deliver The Lord's Tithe (Tithing)  Pt 2/5

Do we really care about people meeting the Lord on a personal one to one basis? You cannot afford not to tithe correctly. The early church understood what the tithe was and how it was to be used. God's money speaks what He wants it to, even in the case

of street persons with alcohol problems. Giving to them out of the Lord's treasury and saying to them. 'the Lord said to give this to you,' is a better way to bring true changes to them than by controlling the situation by buying them a meal. The latter is
good but it brings attention to the person or organization that brought the meal rather than the Lord himself. Every situation is different. The Lord said What makes you think I can't deal with them if they drink my money up? Remember, Jesus is the real life