What Would It Be Like if Satan Was Not Active In Your Life? (Tithing) Part 5/5

What would it be like if Satan was not active in your life? This has been recorded in scripture (Job, Moses, Jesus, Paul, Caleb). The most important point is to always be open to the Holy Spirit for instruction in delivering the Lord's Treasury to those He has specified. If we are to fulfill the 1st commandment, we must handle God's tithe correctly and deliver it to God's purposes. Do we love Him that much? God is looking for an obedient people to serve Him personally. Disciple of Christ means "disciplined one to the Lord." This includes being disciplined to His ways; it's what a loving bride does and we are to conduct ourselves as the Bride of Christ. The mechanics of tithing correctly is not hard. Unlearning what we have walked in for years is the hard part. God is no respecter of persons. http://www.takehisheart.com

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