"ONE STAR HOTEL" a new Christmas song for 2010

"ONE STAR HOTEL" a new Christmas song for 2010

I had this idea to write this song for Christmas 2010.Charles Wesley's "Hark the herald angels" has always been an inspiration to me and I also wanted to write the perfect Christmas song. Feel free to use this song in your church at Christmas but please let me know how it was received. Lord bless.

ONE STAR HOTEL - Composed by Robert Young (c) 2010

A cold wind was blowing and the night was falling fast

As the young couple looked down upon the town

The little town was sleeping, Bethlehem its name.

They had reached their destination at last.

They wandered from house to house but every door was closed.

No room for Him who made all things was found.

Just a starlit place with a manger and some straw

Was the last resort that Mary and Joseph chose.

Just a one star hotel was all that was found

For the Son of God who made all that we see

Just a one star hotel, not a palace up on high

Which he left to save the likes of you and me.

So there he was born, and the angels watched in awe

As the Lord of heaven took on our earthly form

In this lowly place came God's mercy and his grace

His Son who died to save the human race.

And now nothing has changed and there still is no room.

For him who knocks on your heart's door today.

Won't you open your heart for he longs to come in.

Open up your heart for Jesus who's coming soon.