True Freedom

Original Music - Techno Dance Music Video in the Czech Language Captioned in English. Original Music Video created in 1991. Video uses footage of 1968 squelching of Czechoslovakia Freedoms and advancements by Soviet Union, contrasted with scenes from the Velvet Revolution in 1990, intertwined with spiritual message attempting to question real freedom at all. It certainly doesn't come from Communism, but does it really come from Capitalism and Democratic rule? With Freedoms come responsibility. If we aren't responsible with our freedoms, we can do whatever we want, only to often be bound by the sin we are allowed to participate in through our freedom. (Materialism, Addictions, Obsessions, Compulsions). True Freedom does not come from any form government, rules, regulations or lifestyle. It comes in Spiritual Union with the Creator of us and all things, Deity.

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