Child Piano Prodigy William Shares His Talent On Little Big Shots

Child Piano Prodigy William Shares His Talent On Little Big Shots

In this clip from the show Little Big Shots, William Zhang, who is a child piano prodigy, shares his talent with Melissa McCarthy and the audience.

William lives in Georgia with his family, and he began to show a strong interest in music when he was just one year old. He is six years old now and has already won First Place at The American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition in 2019. William has also been invited to give recital performances at Carnegie Hall.

It is incredible to watch him play in this video. His fingers move so fast along the piano keys it is hard to keep track of them! While William is playing, it is clear that he feels right at home behind a piano. He really feels the music and makes it look so effortless when he is playing.

Throughout his performance, the audience gives William rounds of applause to show how impressed they are by him. After he finishes playing, he stands up and takes an adorable bow. What amazing talent this young boy has!

“He doesn't just play the music he owns it and knows it better than the composer,” comments one person on YouTube.

“You are amazing! You bring such joy to the world, thank you! God has gifted you indeed,” writes another person on YouTube. “May you have a wonderful life filled with music!”

After seeing the sweet messages about his performance, William expressed his gratitude to his fans with a comment online.

“Thank you everyone for watching my performance video! I had a complete blast filming the show with the most amazing Ms. Melissa McCarthy and her super creative crew. Everyone was so supportive and fun to work with,” he shares. “It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I hope my performance and music shine a little light [during these] strange times. Please stay safe and well!”

May William continue growing his piano skills and using his talent to bring joy to those around him!