Abraham's Sacrifice

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Abraham and Sarah were old in age when God promised to bless them with a child. They both laughed in disbelief at the thought, but God came through on His promise and one year later, Sarah gave birth to a child named “Isaac”, which means “He Laughs” in Hebrew. The ultimate test came when God asked Abraham to offer Isaac, the son he loved, as a sacrifice. Yet, Abraham was willing to obey God’s command because he believed that if Isaac died, God could raise him from the dead. He put his faith in God alone, not in the promises that He offered.
God is asking us to do the same. We must, like Abraham, sacrifice our desires to the One who cares. Wealth, career, power and money are meaningless without God. Give Him your dreams so He can resurrect new and greater visions inside of you. How many “seeds” of hope, inspiration and love will we produce when we choose to die to our own desires and surrender to Him? John 12:24

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