Crafty Squirrel Steals Easter Egg In Adorable Heist

Crafty Squirrel Steals Easter Egg In Adorable Heist

A crafty and sneaky squirrel successfully stole an Easter egg in what is likely the cutest and most hilarious heist of all time.

Easter is a beautiful holiday. It’s an opportunity to recognize and celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection. That Sunday morning, when the stone was found rolled away and Christ was no longer in the grave, gives all hope. He defeated death, sin and shame!

Easter is when families and friends gather to eat and fellowship to remember the risen Christ. While eating is a hugely important part of these get-togethers, children often participate in Easter egg hunts. 

Who doesn’t remember sprinting into their backyard with a basket, hoping to find as many eggs as possible? Most of the plastic eggs contained pieces of candy, while others may have had money. Easter egg hunts are always popular with children, and some members of wildlife also seem to enjoy them.

A video posted on YouTube shows a squirrel disrupting an egg hunt. The animal races out into the yard, secures a bright pink plastic egg and places it in its mouth. It then easily avoids being caught by some individuals who witnessed the squirrel’s nefarious deed.

About 12 seconds into the video, a little girl appears on the screen, giving chase to the squirrel as she attempts to retrieve the stolen plastic egg. 

Her efforts were not successful.

The cute squirrel runs away from the youngster, eventually scaling a nearby tree and making its way onto the roof of a neighbor’s house. 

But that is not all. Once the squirrel makes it safely on top of the house, it begins working on its discovery, biting on the plastic shell. Hilariously, the squirrel opens the egg, and the contents of the egg can be seen rolling and falling off the house.

Not many people can say they had a squirrel participate in their Easter egg hunt. 

Genesis 1:21 “And God created the great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

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