Pee Wee Football Players Have Adorable Dance Off Before Game

Pee Wee Football Players Have Adorable Dance Off Before Game

These pee wee football players shook of the pre-game jitters with the funniest dance off.

Normally, when we think of football, images of hitting and running come to mind. Football is a physically demanding sport and it can result in a lot of body contact and injuries.

Even kid’s leagues can become highly competitive and take some of the fun away from the sport. That is why it was so refreshing to see these two rival teams start the game off in an entirely new and energizing way.

Both teams had just taken to the field and they were moving to get into formation. That is when an upbeat song came over the intercom and the team members in white couldn’t help but break out into dance. After a few hilarious moves, the team dressed in red just had to join along too.

For this brief period of time, there were no rivals on the field. It was just a group of boys dancing along to the contagious beat and having a great time.

This is definitely a great way to get rid of some of those nerves that can happen right before the game. And I am sure it pumped up both of the teams. It certainly put a smile on the faces in the crowd.

Just listen as they cheer these guys along as they bust out some moves like ‘flossing.’ Who else was laughing out loud as this field full of kids performed an epic dance off?

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