School Bus Driver Goes Above And Beyond To Create Community

School Bus Driver Goes Above And Beyond To Create Community

One school bus driver from Dallas, Texas goes above and beyond his job description to create such a special community with him and his students.

Curtis Jenkins wakes up early each day to drive his young passengers to Lake Highlands Elementary. He motivates them, encourages them, and gets to know each and every one of the kids that ride his bus.

“He goes way beyond the outline responsibilities and duties of a bus driver,” says Emily Gruninger, the principle at Lake Highlands Elementary. “That bus is like a family.”

When asked about their bus driver, a young boy talks about how much Curtis cares for the students. Another girl on the bus says how kind he is to everyone.

Curtis makes sure to instill these values in the young individuals that ride his bus each day.

“We’re going to care about each other and we’re going to love everybody, right?” Curtis says this to the kids on his bus over the loudspeaker.

“These are my children. This is my community,” explains Curtis. “I love them all.”

One way that Curtis creates community on his bus and empowers the students that ride it is by giving each child a responsibility. The roles that they have help them work together and build stronger bonds with one another. They see each other as a team, with Curtis pouring into each one of them.

“I put time, effort, love, care, and understanding into each and every one of those kids,” Cutis says.

He truly loves his job and it shows! And he is impacting so many children with his kindness. One 5th grader named Ethan says that his bus ride with Curtis is often the best part of his day.

“He helps anyone in need,” Ethan shares. He also talks about how Curtis has been there for him in his time of need. “My mom got divorced when I was only 4. He’s the father that I always wanted.”

Cutis also gives out presents to his kids throughout the year. He personally selects each gift out that specifically caters to each child’s interests. For one girl, he gave her a t-shirt that had a picture on it from a book that she made.

“I’m hoping this t-shirt inspires her to keep on writing books,” says Curtis.

As he inspires the children on his bus, other adults that see his impact are inspired as well. Such a kind and giving heart, this bus driver has! And what a wonderful thing to see him motivating and teaching such great lessons to the next generation.