A Cappella Rendition Of 'Ride Out Your Storm' From Kelsie May

A Cappella Rendition Of 'Ride Out Your Storm' From Kelsie May

Country artist Kelsie Mays performs a beautiful a cappella rendition of the classic hymn ‘Ride Out Your Storm’ at the Nashville Vineyard Church in Tennessee. This special song reminds us all that no matter what trials and struggles may come our way, God is always by our side.

“You've been in the storm, it seems like forever
And your night of confusion, has been oh so long
Your ship has lost anchor, and the storms got you drifting
But the night's almost over, so ride out your storm”

Kelsie Mays was just fifteen years old when appeared as a contestant on the eighth season of The Voice. Kelsie turned three of the judges with her blind audition performance of ‘You’re Looking at Country’ by Loretta Lynn.

This young talent ended up on Team Blake and her country vocals took her all the way to the knockout rounds before being eliminated. Since that time, Kelsie has continued to follow her passion for creating and performing.

On her Facebook page, Kelsie describes herself as a “singer of songs, writer of words, follower of Christ.” Her vocals go perfectly with the heartfelt words of ‘Ride Out Your Storm.’

“Ride out your storm, God's right there with you
You may not feel Him, but you're not alone
You're hurting now, but your morning is coming
Just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm”

We don’t hear this hymn too often nowadays but it’s such a blessing to hear a young voice perform this classic song.