Paralyzed Man Uses Technology To Get Down On One Knee And Propose

Paralyzed Man Uses Technology To Get Down On One Knee And Propose

She fell in love with a man in a wheelchair which meant she never saw this coming. Josh Smith, a paralyzed man uses technology to get down on one knee and propose! This video is what romance movies are made of! The pair, Grace Thompson and Josh met on a dating app in the middle of the pandemic. Over time, they got to truly know one another, and they fell in love.

Josh has been a C-6 quadriplegic, unable to walk since the age of 23 after a terrible swimming accident left him paralyzed. Even though it was a devastating blow, Josh was able to pick up the pieces to his life. He went back to work and even began inventing products for quadriplegics like himself. But what he didn’t expect was for a woman to date him, to love him, or marry him.

God brought Grace into Josh’s life and just the right time. It gave Josh the courage and confidence to pursue a relationship with her. He quickly realized she is the “one whom his soul loves.” And he wanted nothing more than to give her the proposal of her dreams—down on one knee. So, with a little planning and help from his physical therapists, they helped Josh find an exoskeleton suit!
This special suit looks like it came right out of Iron Man’s wardrobe, but it’s actually made for quadriplegics. And this is where this video turns into one of the romantic proposals of all time. The suit helped Josh get out of his wheelchair so he could get down on one knee.

As Grace walks around the corner, she realizes what is happening when she cries out, “Are you serious.” Of course, Josh is serious! He’s down on one knee. He responds, “Dead serious. You are the most amazing thing in my life. I'm so glad that God brought you into my life. You are the most perfect person for me."

Of course Grace said yes! The happy couple are now planning a wedding for next fall and it makes us all wonder what surprises he may be planning to make their wedding day another day they won’t soon forget!

“No sooner did I depart from them than I found the one whom I love with all my heart. I held on to him and now I won’t let him go,” Song of Solomon 3:4

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