Prodigal Father Film 'The Man From Nowhere' Strikes Emotional Chord

Prodigal Father Film 'The Man From Nowhere' Strikes Emotional Chord

Watch this trailer for an emotional prodigal father film titled ‘The Man From Nowhere.’

The trailer starts off with a son asking his father, “Where were you when mom needed you?”

Then his father says, “I’m not here to question your life choices. But I want you to question them, before you’re 67 years old, hooked up to a machine that’s keeping you alive.”

From the start, you can see that this father and son have a complicated relationship that seems like it will be the central theme of this film. The trailer even has “A Broken Relationship,” “A Prodigal Father,” and “A Wayward Son” as bolded headings that appear throughout the video to break up the scenes.

Later in the trailer, you learn that the father is an author and sends all of his books to his son. But the son admits to the woman in his life, probably his wife or girlfriend, that he has actually never read any of them.

“You’ve said that your dad has been too proud to be proactive. And now the ball is in your court, Jake,” says the woman.

He responds saying, “He showed up randomly on the front porch and he wants to pretend that everything is fine for the last 30 years. I don’t get that.”

“You’re too busy being a selfish child to even listen to him,” the woman says back to him.

The son decides to pick up one of his father’s books titled ‘The Man From Nowhere’ and says that he will give it five pages. Well, something must have caught his attention, because he can be seen reading farther into the book later in the trailer.

“Every son longs to be found by his father,” says the voice of Jake’s father during a voiceover in the trailer. “So, I wrote a story to try to show you the lengths that a man would go through to find the son that he lost.”

What an emotional chord this trailer strikes about the relationship between a father and a son.

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